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Registering an Account

Creating a corporate account is very simple. All you need is a company email. You can not use public emails such as a .gmail or .aol account when creating a corporate account.

Conducting a Search

The search block allows you to build your own search. Search by name and location, phone number, email, address, and username. You can also further customize your search by adding date of birth, job/occupation, and school.

Editing and Creating a PDF

Within live edit you can alter any of the collected details you want. When you have finished editing your report, you will be able to save, email, preview or download by pressing the finish flag icon.

Reviewing your Payment Plan

Within your membership page you can activate the Pay-As-You-Go plan (for corporate users), purchase searches, and review account activity.

Adjusting User Settings

From the settings page you can change report header colors, font colors, and upload your own logo. The corporate administrator can also edit the corporate contact information.

Search History and Navigating Results

Within search history you can find all previous searches. You can view the HTML results page, download PDF versions of your reports, print report specific invoices, and view personal details by pressing info.

Creating Employee Accounts

To create an account, click add a user from within the user tab. Add your employee's name, last name, email, and either generate a password or enter your own.

Managing Your Account

Once you have logged in you will be brought to the account dashboard. Here you can view search history, invoices, membership details, manage settings, and for corporate accounts; manage employees.


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