Instant, Aggregated Data

By fusing public cameras, crime data, satellite imagery, consumer records, social media, vehicle data, and much more, Skopenow delivers actionable insights and comprehensive intelligence to identify emerging threats.

People & Business Search
Network Association & Visualizations
Location Analytics & Threat Detection
Risk & Threat Signaling

A fully integrated OSINT platform for online research and enhanced security

Streamline investigative processes and optimize decision-making at scale. Skopenow empowers teams with situational awareness and internet investigation tools that are easy to use while meeting the most stringent technical requirements.

NEW Archived and Historical Pages, Offshore Leaks, and Vehicle Ownership Data

Skopenow is free to try and includes all of our core features

  • Object and Behavior Recognition

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Heat Mapping

  • Automated Reports

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How does Skopenow help?

Real-Time Intelligence

Automate the search, collection, sorting, and analysis of open-source data to support informed decision-making for situational awareness and OSINT investigations.

Threat and Risk Detection

Detect the earliest signals of critical risks to your people, assets, and operations, receiving alerts that enable your team to respond with speed and confidence.

Complete Anonymity

Keep investigations secure without the need for managing technical resources like VPNs and covert machines. Skopenow leaves no trace behind.

Data Visualizations

Present intelligence in a variety of layouts to convey the full intelligence picture, including dashboards, reports, link analysis diagrams, data feeds, and maps.

Operational Efficiency

Fuse situational awareness and OSINT investigation workflows in a single platform, facilitating tool consolidation and eliminating the need for juggling multiple vendors.

Court-Ready Reporting

Turn fragmented data into comprehensive intelligence reports in PDF and Word formats that include all relevant and essential screen captures, metadata, and hash data.

Easy to use API

Simple to integrate, you can use Skopenow’s data without leaving your existing tools and systems.

var rest = require('restler');

// Create a payment from a test card token.
var skopenow = new rest.Service({
  baseURL: '',
  headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'x-api-key': 'API-KEY-HERE'}

//Authentication Test
skopenow.get('search').on('success', function(data, response) {
  // Authenticated
}).on('error', function(err, response) {
  // Failed

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