Search, collect, and analyze open-source data anonymously.

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Save time with automated reports

Skopenow instantly builds comprehensive, court-ready, digital reports on businesses and people, collecting and analyzing publicly available information from data sources including social media, the dark web, associated vehicles, court records, and contact data.

Turn data into actionable information

Establish the digital footprint of your subject by collecting and collating relevant information and metadata into an automated report, enabling you to start your investigation as soon as your report is loaded.

Robert James
Lauren James
Subject identified
Subject identified
Connection Made

Identify relevant connections between businesses, associates, and relatives

Skopenow can link your subject to other individuals or businesses through social media and the open web, utilizing identifiers like direct connections, vehicle purchase and registration records, comments, tags, and second-degree associations.

Robert James
New York
Face Match
100% Match

Identify and capture all relevant accounts

Our platform provides you with an extensive list of relevant account profiles, based on matches with authentication identifiers from both initial search terms and extracted search results, and evidentially captures these profiles for anonymous viewing.

Have confidence in your results

The Skopenow platform calculates a confidence score for each piece of information retrieved, based on its uniqueness and similarity to key identifiers.

New York, New York
Geo Tag
Nashville. TN
Location Mention
Oyster Bay, NY
Consumer DB

Visualize data on a map

We plot all geographic data, including consumer data, photos with recognizable landmarks, and geotagged locations, and plot them on a map.

Identify patterns of behavior with a heat map

Our interactive maps help you to identify geographical areas of interest and establish timelines by determining hotspot locations based on the frequency and recency of your subject’s activity.

Open Web
Social Media
Dark Web
Public Records
Court Records
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Know your customers better than ever

Pre-Check immediately references thousands of internet sources to identify a match, including name, location, employment, education, leaked data, vehicles, social media, marketplace activity, and criminal records.

Focus on critical investigations

Pre-Check's advanced risk scoring identifies high-risk individuals, enabling loss adjusters, claims managers, and investigators to focus their limited time on critical investigations.Learn More About Pre-Check

NEW Archived and Historical Pages, Offshore Leaks, and Vehicle Ownership Data

Skopenow is free to try and includes all of our core features.

  • Object and Behavior Recognition

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Heat Mapping

  • Automated Reports

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How does Skopenow help?

Real-Time Intelligence

Automate the search, collection, sorting, and analysis of open-source data. Use red flags, such as behaviors and keywords, to create a real-time digital footprint of publicly available data to make informed decisions.

Skopenow uses computer vision and natural language processing to automatically detect threatening content.
Ingest and analyze thousands of files to highlight fraudulent activity against a book of business.
Expose criminal activity by analyzing location frequency within a heatmap.
Complete Anonymity

Keep investigations secure and personal information anonymous while searching and identifying persons of interest.

Secure Faceless Browsing
Investigate open source and social media content without exposing your identity.
Links & Associations

Establish connections between a subject’s associates and business affiliations through advanced scanning of social profiles, posts, and digital interactions.

Link Associates
Reveal connections between multiple parties within social media, court records, and the open web.
Business Connections
Connect individuals with business filings, corporations, and court cases.
Analytical Reporting

Turn fragmented data into a cohesive and streamlined investigative report.

Robust Analytics
We use computer vision, natural language processing, and identity resolution to transform unstructured data.
Data Visualization

Identify and visualize location data from across a subject’s publicly available digital presence to provide an interactive frequency-based heat map and timeline.

Digital Timeline
Review the digital footprint of a business or person of interest chronologically.
Robust Metadata

Generate comprehensive reports that include all relevant and essential metadata to ensure a seamless flow from computer to courtroom.

Automated Capture
Efficiently collect visual and forensically sound evidence.

Easy to use API.

Our platform includes an API.

Simple to integrate, you can use Skopenow’s data without leaving your existing tools and systems.

var rest = require('restler');

// Create a payment from a test card token.
var skopenow = new rest.Service({
  baseURL: '',
  headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'x-api-key': 'API-KEY-HERE'}

//Authentication Test
skopenow.get('search').on('success', function(data, response) {
  // Authenticated
}).on('error', function(err, response) {
  // Failed
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