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Whether it's ongoing alerts or one off research cases, Skopenow can help streamline your jury selection process by building digital records filled with actionable insight.

Discovering internet-based evidence relating to an ongoing case and capturing it in a court-compliant manner can be vital to success at trial. Skopenow enables its users to archive various forms of content, including photos, comments, videos, profiles, and connections, capturing the required metadata and categorizing the intelligence by date and through keywords and behavior.


Whether it's ongoing alerts or one off research cases, Skopenow can help streamline your jury selection process by building digital records filled with actionable insight.

Determine any interests or preferences of possible jurors during the jury selection process to ensure actionable personal bias is quickly detected and flagged.


Use Skopenow to ensure prospective clients are making valid claims.

Identify publicly available information that the opposition may use. 

Discover if clients or jurors are discussing an open case publicly online. 

Automatically detect and archive any prohibited activity by setting signals to monitor for keywords and behavior.


Skopenow enables you to spend more time on your investigation and less time digging for information through:
  • Building a subject’s digital record.
  • Detecting actionable behaviors.
  • Making connections between multiple parties.
  • Alerts locations and affiliations over time.
  • Providing court admissible metadata.
  • Verify relationships using association analytics.


Finding and collecting case winning evidence has significant financial implications.
  • See a massive reduction in the number of hours spent manually conducting social media investigations.
  • The automatic documentation of digital records, including metadata, maintains a chain of custody.


Many of our users are:
  • Librarian
  • Director of E-Discovery
  • Director of Knowledge Management
  • Litigation Support
  • Case Managers
  • Records Manager
  • Paralegals

Never miss a post. All of our reports include social media data from thousands of sources capturing every aspect of a profile automatically.


We provide accurate and up-to-date contact information in our reports. No more spending hours tracking down addresses, phone numbers, emails, relationships, or registrations.


Skopenow actively analyzes millions of photos per day in an effort to provide accurate actionable intelligence. We are particularly keen on categorizing physical activity, threat, risk, theft, violence, and profanity. We also turn photos into keywords so that all picture is searchable.


You can export your search results as a PDF, Word or CSV report.


Do you offer support?

We offer hands-on live chat support. Whether you have a technical or investigative question we are here to help. If we are not available via chat please contact support@skopenow.com if you have any questions.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept credit card and ACH payments. We also offer custom invoicing/billing options so please ask sales@skopenow.com if you have any questions.

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