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How Does Skopenow Help Law Firms and Legal Professionals?


Digital intelligence can make or break a case. However, challenges arise when sifting through troves of public data under tight deadlines, while adhering to high ethical and complex research standards.


Skopenow helps legal teams instantly locate and analyze thousands of publicly available data sources on relevant parties, providing relevant case information that can deliver better outcomes.

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People & Business Investigations

Instantly locate social media and other online content on subjects of interest, including behavioral flags, to support your case.

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Due Diligence

Evaluate the digital footprints of potential jurors during the voir dire process to assess risk and potential bias.

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Link Analysis

Efficiently establish links between jurors, witnesses, or parties to visualize key case information otherwise hidden in public data.

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Situational Awareness

Safeguard courthouses and other potential targets from threats by receiving alerts based on real-time, location-based data.

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Skopenow has turned into a vital piece of our overall litigation efforts. Our research team is delivering court-ready reports with confidence, our litigation support staff is working with greater efficiency, and our trial attorneys are going into court armed with more valuable information than ever before. "

Managing Partner, Top Litigation Firm

Use Cases

Client Intake & Discovery

Vet potential clients by analyzing public records and online information. Verify claims and evaluate or uncover red flags and inconsistencies with a client's background that may affect a case.

Jury Selection

Analyze the digital footprints of jury pools to uncover biases or connections that may affect impartiality. Evaluate work history, patterns of life, or familiarity with the defendant.

Locating Parties

Locate individuals of interest to the attorneys. Obtain crucial information such as contact details, past addresses, and employment history to aid in tracking and tracing efforts.

Witness Research

Research witnesses involved in a case to assess their character, credibility, reliability, trustworthiness, and potential biases. Easily obtain social media data, court and criminal records, professional background, news articles, and more.


Integrate Skopenow into Research Request Workflows

Pairing intuitive functionality with robust data, Skopenow makes it easy for researchers, librarians, paralegals, and litigation support teams to gather evidence and intelligence, and make more informed decisions. Built to support seamless workflows during investigative processes, Skopenow helps law firms automate and enhance legal research, simplify jury selection, and evaluate parties for misconduct during trials.

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