Frequently Asked Questions

How does Skopenow work?

Skopenow is a data processor that uses public data from across the internet to compile digital reports for each unique search. We are not a database and we do not have any records on consumers (we are not a controller). We take basic PII or BII (supplied by customers) and augment the data provided to build analytical reports. Every report relies on public content, meaning that if a consumer deletes their public listings, there is no information for Skopenow to process. Similarly, if Skopenow previously searched for and found a person or business that has since deleted all of their public content, that entity would no longer be searchable on Skopenow (again, because we are not a database). We are not a controller or repository of the processed data. 

Can I make my data private?

All the information obtained by Skopenow is publicly available and found in the public domain. Therefore, Skopenow cannot directly help make your data private. However, if you delete or make your public content private, there will be nothing for Skopenow to process. Skopenow does not index or store profiles. If you remove your information from a public source, the removed information would not be shown in any new report as it would now be private.

What information does a Skopenow report gather?

Skopenow focuses on building reports with digital footprint data. Reports include social profiles, blog posts, comments, posts, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, court records, family members, usernames, web sightings, pictures, screenshots, timestamps, and alternative name (nickname) analysis. Each search includes live-edit functionality, and a court-ready PDF report

Where do you get your information from?

The majority of our processed data (family/relatives, phone numbers, addresses, locations) comes from a variety of sources such as web directories, census data, public mailing, court records, and phone directories.

What websites do you search?

We search many different websites, ranging from social media sites to blogs to picture sharing websites. We cite the URL of each source so that you have the ability to visit these sites on your own. From any given match found, we will generate a timestamp, screenshot, log the site's IP, and extract basic meta data.

How much does Skopenow cost?

Pricing depends on monthly search volume and team size. Please contact for more information.

What if I want to add employees to my Skopenow account?

A corporate account has the flexibility to add and edit all employee accounts. All employee accounts added to your account will have access to your company's plan. You can add employee accounts via the settings tab.

What comes with my Skopenow account?

A Skopenow account allows you to manage all of your Skopenow activity. You can view a summary of your searches, adjust membership type, view invoices, update credentials, and view previous searches. 

What is your refund policy?

Skopenow uses a special algorithm to determine the quality of the report Skopenow generates for your search. If your report is given a no-charge rating, you will not be charged for the search and you will not be deducted a search credit. If you believe you were billed for a search that did not give you the results you hope for, do not hesitate to email or contact support directly with your inquiry.

Does each reverse search cost the same amount?

Each reverse search will cost the same as a full people search. We offer email, phone, address, and username reverse lookups. If you are looking to return raw data without retrieving an entire digital footprint, you can use our API.

Do you have any tutorial videos?

Yes, please login and you will have access to our instructional video tutorials.

Who can see my information?

If your information is publicly available online, it can be accessed by Skopenow. This means that anyone who runs a Skopenow report can see your public information online. This is no different than someone conducting a manual review of online information. 

Will someone know I searched for them?


How do I pay an invoice?

If you are a corporate member using the Pay-As-You-Go feature you can either pay via check or credit card. At the end of each month an invoice will be generated. If you are using a credit card, your invoice total will be automatically deducted at the end of the Pay-As-You-Go billing cycle. If you are paying by check, you will be emailed the invoice with mailing instructions. 

How do I sign up for the 7-day free trial?

Signing up for the 7-day free trial is easy, however we only allow accredited B2B organizations to utilize our services.

What comes with the 7-day free trial?

The 7-day trial allows any corporate user to have full access to Skopenow. This means: employee accounts, people/business and reverse searches, live-edit access, and unlimited PDF reports all within the 7-day period. 

Can I do a search on my phone?

Yes, our website is built to work on mobile platforms and screens of all sizes. Just open on your smartphone or tablet device.

What kind of searches can I do?

Skopenow allows you to build your own search, whether it be a full people search using just name and location, or reverse lookups for emails, phones, usernames, or addresses. For more accurate results, you can add data inputs to refine your results. Additionally, if you want to search multiple locations, nicknames or alternative spellings, simply press the '+' next to the relevant input field.

What information do I need to run a search?

Skopenow does a great job of finding information with very few input parameters. While name and location generally yield the best results, you can build all different types of searches by mixing and matching your inputs. To learn more about optimizing your search, please see Skopenow's Video Tutorials. All of our reverse searches only require one form of input, but you can add other parameters such as job, school, and age to better filter your results.

Does Skopenow have an API?

Yes. Please visit or email for more information.

Why do reports have their own invoice?

We offer this service for industries such as insurance, where reports need to be expensed to a case file. In this scenario, we calculate the per report price by dividing the total price by the total number of searches purchased.

What happens if I change the inputs on the results page and run a search?

If you change the name of the person you are searching for, and it falls within the nickname/pet-name/alternate spelling category (determined by a Skopenow algorithm), it will not count as a new search. Replacing the existing name with an alternative name will overwrite your current search data, to avoid this, do not change the name, simply press the '+' on the search field to add an alternative name. If you add or change age, schools, or occupations, on the input fields we will not charge for an additional search. Making changes within the results page will not count as an additional search unless the following conditions are met: 1. The name changed or added does not pass the nickname/pet-name/alternate spelling test. or 2. An email, phone number, or address is changed or added.

Can Skopenow do batch searches?

Yes, we can process thousands of requests at a time. Please contact with any batch related questions. Batch processing is perfect for generating reports on large backlogged lists as well as past claims for insurance carriers.

Is Skopenow a consumer reporting agency?

No, please see our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and our FCRA policy: Skopenow is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). None of the information offered by Skopenow can be used for assessing or evaluating a person's eligibility for employment, housing, insurance, credit, or for any other purpose covered under the FCRA.