Automated Fraud and Risk Signaling

Flag potential risks and reveal key relationships by evaluating the digital footprints of people and businesses. Through a single API/batch solution, Pre-Check generates intelligence that drives faster, better decisions at unrivaled scale.

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Prioritize cases

that pose the most risk

Surface relationships

between entities and personas at scale

Guide decisions

with new insights and efficency

Scalable Digital Footprint Analysis

Assess risk in seconds

Pre-Check eliminates time-consuming manual processes and delivers efficiency by automatically flagging behavior and keywords, unknown business connections, and public records. Pre-Check's advanced algorithms enable investigators to evaluate thousands of cases simultaneously, determining which cases present the most risk and are likely to yield results.

Results that speak for themselves

Our approach has been validated by top insurance carriers, leading technology companies, top banks, and large government and law enforcement agencies.


reduction in manual efforts when conducting an investigation


hit rate across all lines of business and claim types


fraud and threat signals evaluated instantly

Pre-Check Benefits


Tap into thousands of publicly available data sources, including social media, vehicle ownership data, dark web leaks, public records, criminal records, marketplaces, and business filings. 


Prioritize each case with high-assurance identity scores and an investigative assessment, focusing time and effort on the highest probability cases.


Surface behavior and keyword insights by analyzing photos and text across digital footprints for more than 20 categories of behaviors and risk signals.


Harness proprietary identity resolution algorithms that cross-check millions of data points in real time to return only the most relevant and reliable results.

Three Core Modules

Digital Check

Validate people data against 30+ public record data types, including social media, criminal records, and more, while surfacing behavior and keyword insights.

Business Check

Detect undisclosed business affiliations and cross-check organization details through secretary of state filings, e-Business data, domain registrations, and marketplaces.

Link Check

Uncover insights and hidden relationships between multiple parties by detecting and analyzing shared data points and assets from across the open web.

High Volume Data Analysis

Process thousands of caseloads and associated data points to extract critical risk and threat indicators. AI-driven flagging capabilities identify risky patterns of activity and attributes, instantly alerting case owners for further review and investigation through Workbench.

Centralized Single Source of Truth

Bypass the need to switch between platforms by integrating Pre-Check into existing systems via API, including claims management and case management software. Pre-Check guarantees that risk evaluation and due diligence checks occur systematically and automatically alongside existing checks within relevant workflows—without requiring additional resources. 

Complete OSINT Platform

Pre-Check is one pillar of Skopenow’s comprehensive OSINT platform that seamlessly integrates into any investigation workflow and dashboard. Skopenow’s platform delivers automated, scalable, and customizable solutions to combat fraud, crime, threats, and risks through people and business search, situational awareness, link analysis, enhanced due diligence, marketplace insights, and more.

1,500+ Organizations Trust Skopenow


of the Fortune 500


U.S. Government Agencies


of the Top 20 Insurance Carriers


of the Top 5 Litigation Firms


of the Top 20 Retailers


of the 5 Largest Banks

Industry Use Cases

Global Security

Mitigate risk from internal and external threat actors at scale by reviewing digital footprints for criminal records and key warning signals.


Drive and inform claims investigations with superior, unbiased data to quickly identify potential fraudsters and focus efforts only on higher-risk individuals and entities.


Perform enhanced due diligence for risk management and regulatory compliance by flagging underage customers, problem gamblers, fraud, and account takeovers.

Law Enforcement & Government

Efficiently manage investigation requests and focus on cases that will have the greatest impact by rapidly assessing POIs to prioritize those with substantial digital footprints or threat indicators.


Evaluate the digital footprints of juror pools during the voir dire process to instantly identify those with potential issues that require a peremptory challenge or challenge for cause.

Banking, Financial Services, & Crypto

Strengthen identity and validation checks throughout the customer account lifecycle. Ensure you know who is making high-value transactions to detect fraud and combat money laundering.

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