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How Does Skopenow Help Insurance Carriers?


Identifying high-risk policyholders and claimants among millions of claims is challenging, slow, and costly, requiring manual research that often misses essential details.


Skopenow instantly analyzes thousands of public data sources, flagging high-risk individuals and businesses, allowing insurance carriers to limit their exposure.

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Situational Awareness

Proactively investigate claims for location-driven insights or keyword signals of fraud, like orchestrated accidents or suspicious home insurance claims. Receive real-time alerts, enabling swift action.

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Claimant Due Diligence

Evaluate digital footprints at scale to identify and quantify risk. Surface potential red flags and undeclared businesses through automated scoring and filtering, helping loss adjusters and claims managers triage their cases more efficiently.

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People & Business Investigations

Reduce fraud by surfacing and analyzing contradicting evidence across the internet, such as undeclared accidents or personal relationships. Receive alerts for flags like physical activity, vehicle usage, or address changes.

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Link Analysis Charts

Analyze the digital presence of multiple parties linked to a claim to detect common data points and uncover connections indicating possible fraud rings involved in schemes like crash-for-cash or medical fraud.

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Skopenow has revolutionized our claims investigation workflow. Pre-Check has ensured that our claims team can identify red flags much more accurately. We’ve been able to successfully use Workbench and Link Analysis to investigate more cases than ever. Skopenow was instrumental in our detection of a  fraud ring, enabling us to prevent future payouts and recover a significant amount of funds previously paid out."

SIU Manager, Major Insurance Carrier

Use Cases

Workers’ Compensation

Analyze claimants' social media activity to identify fraudulent behavior impacting workers' compensation claims. Detect claimants participating in activities conflicting with their eligibility.

Auto Liability

Efficiently process auto claims to identify fraudulent activity. Conduct investigations on claimants and third parties, revealing histories of fraudulent claims or undisclosed relationships.

Healthcare Fraud

Detect individuals or organizations engaged in healthcare fraud, such as billing for non-rendered services or submitting false claims. Utilize court records and social media activity to identify suspicious claims.

Disaster-Related Property Fraud

Identify fraudulent property damage claims following a disaster. Quickly uncover duplicate or exaggerated claims using publicly available information.

How it Works

Integrate Skopenow into Claims Workflows

Through Skopenow, claims teams and special investigations units are empowered to streamline fraud detection. Skopenow supports investigative processes and enables informed risk-based decisions on claims. With robust data processing and intuitive functionality, Skopenow facilitates intelligence gathering and improves outcomes for insurance carriers.

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