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Skopenow was founded in 2016 to help organizations of all sizes and industries unlock the power of OSINT.

Skopenow started out as a small team of engineers and investigators who applied their expertise to develop an automated tool for capturing and analyzing public internet data. The initial product streamlined previously time-consuming, manual processes while attracting a cohort of early customers as well as outside investors like Techstars, Runway VP, Contour Ventures, Sinai VC, MS&AD, Forefront Ventures, and others.

As customers came to us with even bigger and more complex problems, our future became clear.

To meet the evolving needs of the open-source intelligence community, we rolled out additional capabilities for our first tool, Workbench, while developing the foundation of a broader, more comprehensive platform. We also expanded the team, bringing dozens of top digital investigators and technologists on board to help realize our vision.

Skopenow has become the industry standard with a fully automated, integrated platform trusted by 1,500+ organizations throughout the globe.

Today, we have a team of ~100 talented employees who have forged long-lasting partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, large government and law enforcement agencies, leading insurance carriers, media organizations, and more. Our platform is now the backbone of countless automated threat detection and investigation workflows, delivered through a single, comprehensive suite of solutions.

1,500+ Organizations Trust Skopenow


of the Fortune 500


U.S. Government Agencies


of the Top 20 Insurance Carriers


of the Top 5 Litigation Firms


of the Top 20 Retailers


of the 5 Largest Banks


Modernizing investigations with scalable intelligence

Legacy methods for digital investigations are slow, inaccurate, and require extensive training. Skopenow provides a single, automated platform to streamline investigations and enable organizations to make more informed decisions. We have unlocked the power of OSINT across industries for teams of all sizes and levels of expertise.


Redefining what we can achieve together

We have earned a reputation for innovation and excellence, and are fueled by a relentless desire to learn, see our customers succeed, and make a positive impact across the many high-stakes segments we support. As a result, Skopenow enjoys best-in-class customer retention and satisfaction.


Contributing to the OSINT community

We host free monthly virtual trainings and regularly provide ongoing education to thousands of OSINT professionals, helping them stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques. Skopenow also actively supports and sponsors initiatives related to combatting human trafficking, misinformation, violence, and more.

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