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How Does Skopenow Help Security Teams?


When evaluating large quantities of data to address challenges like executive safety, natural disasters, and crime, organizations risk overlooking vital information or not responding fast enough.


Skopenow instantly analyzes thousands of public data sources, flagging risks and threats while automatically compiling court-ready, actionable intelligence and link analysis reports.

1,500+ Organizations Trust Skopenow


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People & Business Investigations

Generate court-ready intelligence reports on threat actors and their businesses, consolidating data from public sources. Skopenow's AI-engine flags risks like violence, extreme political views, and illicit activities.


Due Diligence

Efficiently evaluate digital footprints of potential threat actors, quantifying risk at scale. Detect undisclosed criminal records and warning signs among vendors, partners, and employees significantly enhancing operational capacity.


Link Analysis

Visualize common data points connecting employees, external threat actors and their assets, promptly identifying individuals posing risks to your organization and potential accomplices. 


Situational Awareness

Receive real-time alerts on locations, keywords, and events to maintain a pulse on emerging risks and high-impact incidents, mitigating supply chain disruptions, threats to key assets, and travel risks caused by natural disasters or civil unrest.


Skopenow's platform provides us with a comprehensive understanding of our threat landscape by surfacing and assessing potential risks. The platform also allows us to efficiently investigate individuals and organizations connected to these risks, delivering the intelligence we need to make better decisions - without hiring additional analysts."

Director of Security, Fortune 500 Company

Use Cases

Executive Protection

Identify and assess threats to high-level executives and their families, analyzing internet contents and activities to uncover sensitive information, physical security risks, cyber threats, and vulnerabilities.

Loss Prevention

Monitor supply chains and premises, detecting theft, fraud, and criminal activities through social media, online forums, and marketplaces to prevent losses and recover stolen assets.

Internal Investigations

Detect insider threats, such as employee theft, leaks of confidential information, or workplace violence, leveraging public data and internet activity analysis to prevent losses and recover assets.

Event & Location Security

Implement geofencing to secure facilities and venues, ensuring safety for organizations, employees, and customers. Gain 360-degree visibility of threats and respond proactively to protect business continuity and critical infrastructure.


Integrate Skopenow into Security Workflows

Through a single platform and suite of solutions, empower your security team to gather instant threat intelligence, ensuring business continuity and minimizing the physical, financial, and reputational impact of security risks. Generate comprehensive actionable reports, receive alerts on critical threats and risks, and surface insights and connections that power more informed decision-making.

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