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How Does Skopenow Help Private Investigators?


When conducting OSINT investigations, private investigators encounter a range of challenges such as limited resources, time constraints, legal and ethical dilemmas, and difficulties in finding and analyzing information from various sources.


Skopenow instantly analyzes thousands of public data sources, delivering streamlined and scalable workflows, compliance features, and powerful search and data analysis capabilities to generate actionable intelligence.

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People & Business Investigations

Investigate and produce court-ready reports on POIs and their businesses to make informed decisions by identifying relevant locations, contact details, habits, and warning flags.

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Due Diligence

Evaluate digital footprints to assess the potential for internet investigations at scale. Prioritize those with significant footprints and prevalent threat indicators, such as criminal records and behavioral flags.

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Link Analysis

Quickly establish and visualize common data points in complex data, revealing connections between POIs, businesses, and assets when investigating family matters and workplace issues.

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Situational Awareness

Receive real-time alerts on locations, keywords, and events to maintain a pulse on emerging risks and high-impact incidents, improving resource allocation, and reducing the time required for better decision-making.

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Skopenow has changed the way we conduct investigations. Their platform surfaces critical data to us in so many cases, including court and criminal records, delivering superior outcomes for our clients. Using Skopenow means we aren't bogged down with manual steps or techniques and can focus on achieving actual results.”

Founder, Private Investigation Company

Use Cases

Workers’ Compensation

Analyze claimants' social media posts to identify behavior that may impact workers' compensation claims. Identify activities that could affect eligibility or suggest malingering.

Auto Liability

Process claims to identify fraud and misrepresentations. Investigate parties to uncover histories of fraudulent claims, criminal records, or undisclosed relationships.

Witness Research

Locate and research witnesses involved in a case. Uncover contact information, employment history, frequented locations, and relevant social media activity to assess reliability and trustworthiness.

Evidence Collection

Collect admissible evidence for a case, ensuring the presence of sources, screen captures, metadata, and hashed data. Instantly generate court-ready reports when preparing for legal proceedings.


Integrate Skopenow into Investigation Workflows

Skopenow empowers private investigation teams to streamline digital investigations and make informed decisions that enhance outcomes. The platform instantly and automatically gathers accurate intelligence and evidence on persons of interest and organizations, generates white-labeled reports, and helps save thousands of hours per year while achieving better results.

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