Human-in-the-Loop Investigation Support

Harness the expertise of Skopenow's analyst team to uncover critical intelligence in extra hard-to-crack cases. With years of experience conducting OSINT investigations across every major industry, our analysts and subject matter experts deliver superior results in the most complex and challenging cases.

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Skopenow's analysts provide assistance to organizations of all sizes throughout the investigative lifecycle. Supported workstreams include locating hard-to-find data points and fulfilling custom requests. Understanding each customer’s unique needs, the analyst team communicates in clear, simple language while delivering the most critical and actionable information at any stage in the investigative process.

The Analyst Help Process


Initiate a request to get support from Skopenow's investigation specialists.


Detail the requirements for extracting specific content related to a bespoke request.


Within hours of submission, custom reports are compiled and curated.


After final review, the report and summary are emailed directly to the customer.

Analyst Help Benefits


Analysts and SMEs are highly-trained, experienced industry experts on OSINT, data collections, and fraud investigations.


Analysts build result driven reports using advanced techniques to provide hard-to-find data points and critical insights.


Analyst reports typically take 6-8 hours to complete, enabling organizations to quickly mitigate threat, risk, and crime.


With exhaustive experience managing custom requests, our analyst team can provide results focused on any intelligence gathering requirements.


Reports produced by analysts contain a concise briefing of relevant and crucial intelligence in addition to Skopenow's automated findings.


As seasoned practitioners, the analyst team provides support for situational awareness, people and business search, and link analysis use cases.

Data Collection by Industry Experts

Drawing on years of technical training, Skopenow's analyst team excels in data collection. With diverse backgrounds focussed on open source intelligence, the team has the real-world experience to handle all bespoke requests.

Optimized Investigative Search

Even when investigative subject's have limited digital footprints, Skopenow's analysts have the know-how to optimize search parameters and quickly uncover valuable information. With a laser focus on the intelligence requirements of each customer, the team collects, processes, and analyzes actionable intelligence from the open, deep, and dark web along with dozens of other sources with unparalleled accuracy.

Anonymity and Attribution Management

Skopenow's analysts safeguard customers from risks by ensuring complete anonymity during manual investigations. Mitigating the security gaps associated with traditional methods, Skopenow employs state-of-the-art anonymization tools to guarantee that investigations cannot be traced back to a given organization.

1,500+ Organizations Trust Skopenow


of the Fortune 500


U.S. Government Agencies


of the Top 20 Insurance Carriers

Industry Use Cases

Global Security

Mitigate internal and external threats and risks to your organization, and protect your people, assets, and reputation.


Evaluate digital footprints and quantify risk at scale to identify possible fraudsters, focusing in on high-risk individuals and claims.

Investigative Journalism

Unearth leads and sources that shed new light when investigating serious crimes, political events, corporate wrongdoing, and more.

Law Enforcement & Government

Reveal and document evidence of criminality from alias accounts or reveal key connections between organized crime groups.


Flag online trial discussions, uncover juror bias, and discover compromising relationships when jurors cannot be found online.

Private Investigations

Track down hard to find POIs, bring to light previously-unknown assets, and reveal hidden connections and relationships.

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