Streamlined People and Business Investigations

Instantly generate intelligence reports on any subject to tackle fraud, threat, crime, and enhance due diligence. Workbench sets the industry standard by combining comprehensive data with AI-driven insights to transform the way you conduct investigations.

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Collect and analyze data

from hundreds of sources

Make informed decisions

with actionable intelligence

Export court-ready reports

on people and businesses

Enhanced Investigations & Processes

Respond to threat actors and risks with a single click

Skopenow’s Workbench solution replaces disparate OSINT tools and manual techniques by automatically surfacing public data on people and businesses. Unlike other OSINT products, Workbench is fully automated, delivering faster, more accurate results compared to legacy methods. With Workbench, your team can scale their decisioning processes, freeing up time to focus on other mission-critical objectives.

Results that speak for themselves

Our approach has been validated by the most innovative technology companies, top banks, top insurance carriers, and large government agencies.


faster to produce reports than investigators using legacy, manual processes


increase in production of OSINT reports per employee for the most urgent cases

~1 minute

average time to produce reports containing the insights needed to determine the next course of action

Workbench Benefits


Tap into identity resolution algorithms that cross-check millions of data points in real time to return only the most relevant and reliable results.

Data Coverage

Leverage thousands of data sources including high-quality consumer records and social media content, persistently tested for breadth, depth, and accuracy. 


Employ keyword analytics, image recognition, behavioral analytics, and geotagging to detect warning signs and actionable risks.


Get up and running fast with an intuitive, user-friendly solution, eliminating the hassle of manual OSINT techniques and the need for dedicated IT resources.


Score returned data points for credibility, source reliability, and overall confidence to zero in on the most crucial and reliable information.


Leaving no trace behind, Workbench forensically distills information alongside screen captures, metadata, and hash data to automatically create court-ready reports.

Advanced Data Pipeline

Proprietary algorithms process publicly available, unstructured data from across the internet and fuse it with structured sources to form unique, unrivaled intelligence. Workbench shapes unstructured data into clear and insightful formats that provide context, such as geolocation heat maps and timelines, providing timely and relevant information to investigators. 

AI-Powered Fraud and Threat Detection

Workbench harnesses dozens of purpose-built models for identifying fraud and threat indicators across social media and the open web, utilizing image recognition, natural language processing, and behavioral analytics. These models work in unison to identify case-relevant, risk-based behaviors derived from text, images, and videos, significantly reducing time spent sifting through collected data.

Complete OSINT Platform

Workbench is one part of a broader product suite that seamlessly integrates into any investigation workflow and dashboard. Skopenow delivers automated, scalable, and customizable solutions to combat fraud, crime, threats, and risks through situational awareness, enhanced due diligence, investigations, and social network analysis.

1,500+ Organizations Trust Skopenow


of the Fortune 500


U.S. Government Agencies


of the Top 20 Insurance Carriers


of the Top 5 Litigation Firms


of the 5 Largest Banks


of the Top 20 Retailers

Industry Use Cases

Global Security

Investigate threat actors to uncover nefarious activity, assess risk, and prevent security incidents. Skopenow proactively monitors and flags validated threat indicators.


Reduce fraud by uncovering evidence contradicting claims, such as undeclared accidents outside the workplace or potential collusion. Receive real-time alerts via email or API for new flags involving physical activity, vehicle usage, and address changes.

Private Investigations

Make informed decisions when investigating POIs and their businesses by identifying relevant locations, contact details, and habits. Detect warning signs like threats of violence across posts, comments, forums, photos, and videos.

Law Enforcement & Government

Investigate suspects and their businesses to expose criminal activity like grooming, trafficking, or sharing terrorist propaganda. Increase building, personnel, and workplace safety.


Investigate individuals and their businesses to reveal behavioral flags in jurors, parties, and witnesses related to potential bias, violence, extreme political views, use of illicit substances, and more.

Press & Media

Investigate people and businesses linked to serious crimes, political corruption, and corporate misconduct. Parse out insights related to violence, extremism, and illegal activity to help tell the story behind the headlines.

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