Leveraging OSINT Across The Enterprise: A Roadmap for Fortune 500 Companies

In an era of unprecedented data accessibility, Fortune 500 companies are increasingly turning to publicly available information to mitigate risks and strengthen their overall security posture against physical, reputational, financial, and operational risks. By leveraging open-source intelligence (OSINT), these industry giants are revolutionizing how…

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How to Avoid Alert Fatigue with Automated OSINT Tools

In the world of open-source intelligence (OSINT), information is power. However, the sheer volume of data available means that it must be filtered and organized properly, otherwise it can lead to a counterintuitive problem: alert fatigue. This phenomenon occurs when analysts are bombarded with so many non-applicable alerts that they become desensitized…

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Preventing and Investigating Workplace Violence with OSINT

Violence is every workplace’s worst nightmare: it disrupts normally safe work environments and can cause lasting harm to employees and businesses. It’s also shockingly common. Each year, roughly 1 in 125 workers in the United States falls victim to violence while on the job. From physical assaults to harassment and intimidation, workplace violence can…

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Maintaining Extreme Weather Awareness with OSINT

Extreme weather has the ability to disrupt anything, including businesses, schools, government services, and personal lives. From hurricanes and blizzards to wildfires and flash floods, major weather events can grind daily life to a halt in an instant. When critical infrastructure goes down and traditional communication channels fail, maintaining…

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How OSINT Helps Unmask Dark Web Actors Like Incognito Market’s Mastermind

Earlier this month, a Taiwanese national, 23-year-old Rui-Siang Lin, was arrested on suspicion of owning and running one of the dark web’s most successful drug marketplaces. He now faces charges for drug trafficking, money laundering, and misbranding prescription medication that could result in a life sentence if convicted.

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Actioning Publicly Available Information: The Top 5 Obstacles Facing The Intelligence Community

For intelligence professionals, incorporating publicly available data and information into their analysis is vital. The modern operating environment is awash in digital content from a wide array of sources, ranging from freely available information on social media platforms, blogs, and news articles to commercially available data requiring specialized…

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The Top 3 Takeaways from SOF Week: Partnerships, Integration, and Innovation

SOF Week, the annual conference for the international special operations forces (SOF) community, just wrapped up its 2024 session. The Skopenow team was able to attend and connect with high-level public-sector threat assessment and digital research professionals. However, those who couldn’t attend might be interested in seeing what they missed. SOF…

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Tackling the Flow of Fentanyl into the US with OSINT

Synthetic substances have profoundly impacted the illegal drug market, leading to devastating consequences across the US. Fentanyl, an extremely potent synthetic opioid, is a prime example of this crisis, being responsible for over half of the approximately 112,00 drug deaths in the US in 2023. Although initially developed in 1959 as a prescription…

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Enhancing Public Sector OSINT Workflows with AI and Automation

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is crucial for public sector organizations, particularly law enforcement and government agencies, as it can significantly increase case resolutions while bolstering community safety and reducing crime. Traditionally, agencies have relied on manual OSINT techniques to gather vital information from publicly available…

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From Data to Action: OSINT's Impact on Humanitarian Challenges

The advent of the internet ushered in a hyper-connected way of life that revolutionized humanity. Our worlds got smaller as information and people from around the world became accessible with just a click or keystroke. Long-distance communications were trivialized, work became more productive, and current events began to be relayed to us with lightning…

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