The Top 3 Takeaways from SOF Week: Partnerships, Integration, and Innovation

SOF Week, the annual conference for the international special operations forces (SOF) community, just wrapped up its 2024 session. The Skopenow team was able to attend and connect with high-level public-sector threat assessment and digital research professionals. However, those who couldn’t attend might be interested in seeing what they missed. SOF…

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Tackling the Flow of Fentanyl into the US with OSINT

Synthetic substances have profoundly impacted the illegal drug market, leading to devastating consequences across the US. Fentanyl, an extremely potent synthetic opioid, is a prime example of this crisis, being responsible for over half of the approximately 112,00 drug deaths in the US in 2023. Although initially developed in 1959 as a prescription…

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Enhancing Public Sector OSINT Workflows with AI and Automation

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is crucial for public sector organizations, particularly law enforcement and government agencies, as it can significantly increase case resolutions while bolstering community safety and reducing crime. Traditionally, agencies have relied on manual OSINT techniques to gather vital information from publicly available…

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From Data to Action: OSINT's Impact on Humanitarian Challenges

The advent of the internet ushered in a hyper-connected way of life that revolutionized humanity. Our worlds got smaller as information and people from around the world became accessible with just a click or keystroke. Long-distance communications were trivialized, work became more productive, and current events began to be relayed to us with lightning…

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Fair Game: The Role of OSINT in Combating Sports Corruption

In the high-octane world of sports, physical prowess and mental grit fuel not just athletes but entire communities, cultures, and economies. The prevalence of sports today—driven by the legalization of betting, the globalization of viewership through streaming, celebrity athletes, and high-profile investments—underscores how money "talks" in this…

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Enhancing Homeland Security: Leveraging OSINT Solutions for Border Security & Transportation

Border and transportation networks often form the backbone of a nation's infrastructure, serving as essential points for entry and exit. As active channels that enable the flow of people, goods, and economic activity, it is essential that these routes remain operational and secure.

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Safeguarding Amateur Athletes in the Era of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)

In recent years, the landscape of college and amateur athletics has undergone a seismic shift with the advent of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights. No longer solely reliant on scholarships and stipends, student-athletes now have the opportunity to monetize their personal brand through various avenues such as social media, endorsements, and…

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How to Ensure Campus Safety with 360-Degree Situational Awareness

Colleges and universities, by their very nature, are open and accessible spaces, designed to encourage the exchange of ideas—but this openness also exposes them to various risks and threats. Balancing accessibility with security is a complex challenge, requiring higher education security teams to protect campuses in a way that doesn’t undermine their…

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Opening the World of Geography to OSINT Practitioners

In a world awash with data, where every corner of the globe is covered by satellites and shared on social media, the fusion of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) and open-source intelligence (OSINT) is reshaping how we understand and interact with our surroundings.

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Enhancing Operational Success: The Role of Situational Awareness in OSINT

Across the globe, information is flowing through digital channels at a record pace, expanding the world of possibility for open-source intelligence (OSINT). OSINT professionals, tasked with gathering and analyzing publicly available data, now confront a complex web of information that transcends geographical borders and traditional boundaries. In this…

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