Situational Awareness 

Proactively assess your organization’s threat landscape with real-time, accurate, intelligence-driven insights. Grid detects the earliest signals of critical risks to your people, assets, and operations as soon they arise, enabling your team to respond with speed and confidence.

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Automatically surface data

like keywords, sentiment, and locations

Receive alerts

when threats and risks are detected 

Make informed decisions

with actionable intelligence


Harness insights in real time

Skopenow’s Grid provides security teams with real-time data, fusing social media data, traffic cams, crime, satellite imagery, news, and more—within a single user-friendly dashboard. Grid filters out the noise and surfaces intelligence based on keywords, sentiment, behaviors, and locations, generating alerts when threats emerge.

Results that speak for themselves

Our approach has been validated by the most innovative technology companies, financial institutions, and government agencies.


comprehensive sources aggregated from news, social media, and the web


data types ranging from electrical outages to aerial satellite imagery


reduction in data acquisition costs vs. legacy solutions and subscriptions

Grid Benefits


Review public data through social media data, CCTV, traffic cams, real-time & recorded crimes, high-resolution satellite imagery, news data, and more.

Breadth & Depth

Fuse your team's knowledge and expertise with diverse real-time data feeds and advanced AI generated insights.


Piece together and assess live geospatial data from thousands of sources to identify potential impacts to people, businesses, assets, and more.


Instantly review insights in one pane of glass, removing the need for multiple tabs and cumbersome training.


React faster when security risks and threats arise through proactive multi-channel alerts.


Collect relevant information without compromising the integrity of your OSINT research, safeguarding your team and organization.

Diverse Data & Insights on News, Events, Social Media, and More

Grid’s data is second-to-none. Move beyond traditional, legacy information sources to gain visibility into dynamic environments like conferences, sporting events, parades, and other gatherings. Live webcams put security teams on location to evaluate critical developments in real time, improving security posture and response.

AI for Trend Detection, Entity Extraction, and Behavior Analysis

Identify trends relevant to your specific locations of interest. Focus on key content related to an event or important piece of intelligence in order to better understand context. Automatically flag information that poses a threat to your organization, assets, supply chain routes, and more.

Complete OSINT Platform

Grid is one pillar of Skopenow’s comprehensive OSINT platform that seamlessly integrates into current workflows. Skopenow’s platform delivers automated, scalable, and customizable solutions to combat fraud, crime, threats, and risks through people and business search, situational awareness, link analysis, enhanced due diligence, marketplace insights, and more.

1,500+ Organizations Trust Skopenow


of the Fortune 500


U.S. Government Agencies


of the Top 20 Insurance Carriers


of the Top 5 Litigation Firms


of the 5 Largest Banks


of the Top 20 Retailers

Industry Use Cases

Event Security

Enhance event planning and resource allocation by employing Grid to detect security incidents and support needs in real time.

Supply Chain Oversight

Expose and mitigate supply chain risk from severe weather, traffic flows, or crime that may impact routes or transport, ensuring operational continuity.

Employee Safety

Manage personnel locations, assess security risks, and alert executives and employees about emerging incidents, enabling them to act quickly.

Trust and Safety

Identify threats to public safety, potential witnesses to incidents, and highlight discrepancies in testimonies by fusing crime data, missing children reports, human trafficking data, gang territories, and sex offender records.

Brand and Organization Protection

Rapidly uncover risk and threat signals embedded in online content and discussions related to your brand, facilities, and operations to achieve 24/7 security coverage.

Crisis Management

Maintain a pulse on emerging issues, such as natural disasters and public health emergencies, to fully understand the scope of the challenge and better coordinate the on-the-ground response.

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