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How Does Skopenow Help Law Enforcement?


Manual collection and analysis of public data is time consuming and error-prone, leading to missed evidence, higher case backlogs, and siloed decision-making.


Skopenow automatically collects and analyzes data from across the internet to help officers and investigators gather more evidence, clear cases faster, and make more informed decisions.

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People & Business Investigations

Produce court-ready reports on persons of interest and questionable businesses, consolidating data across sources. Surface flags for activity related to fraud, narcotics, grooming, or suspicious travel patterns.

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Due Diligence

Increase operational capacity for internet intelligence and investigations by evaluating digital footprints at scale. Quickly prioritize subjects by surfacing behavior and keyword insights against dozens of public record types.

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Link Analysis

Visualize connections between people, businesses, assets, and locations tied to gang activity, theft rings, and hate groups. Disrupt more crime by identifying core and unknown members, accomplices, and exploited victims.

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Situational Awareness

Gain real-time visibility across a given jurisdiction and receive alerts on emerging threats or potential impacts to people, assets, and operations. Flag mentions of relevant keywords, groups, and topics associated with investigations.

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When we needed to identify a suspect involved in a serious crime, Skopenow delivered. The solution resolved the identity of the individual despite him using an alias for online accounts. In addition, we were able to quickly identify connections between the individual, allowing us to submit the necessary warrants and subpoenas.”

Detective, Police Department

Use Cases


Identify suspicious behaviors and patterns by analyzing social media, business registries, and other sources to flag high-risk individuals, networks, and organizations.

Human Trafficking

Analyze social media, online forums, and classified ads to identify traffickers and their victims. Uncover complex networks associated with human trafficking across geographies.

Organized Crime

Research sophisticated organized crime networks to identify serious and organized criminal activity, including planning, recruitment tactics, and money laundering.


Uncover drug trafficking networks by analyzing relationships between individuals and organizations. Identify new and key players, and track the movement of contraband and runners across borders.

Internet Crimes Against Children

Protect children from exploitation and bring perpetrators to justice by investigating the creation, distribution, and possession of illicit content to identify offenders and recruitment tactics.

Violent Crime

Safeguard the public from a wide range of violent crimes by gathering critical evidence, identifying motives and accomplices, and uncovering connections between perpetrators and victims.


Integrate Skopenow into Investigation Workflows

Empowered by Skopenow, law enforcement agencies can discover emerging threats and incidents, streamline investigations, produce court-ready reports, and enhance crime analytics. Through a single platform, Skopenow delivers timely alerts and generates relevant, actionable intelligence to support informed decision-making for officers, investigators, and analysts.

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