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How Does Skopenow Help Newsrooms?


When chasing down leads, investigating major incidents, and researching emerging trends, journalists can face digital information overload in addition to burdensome, manual tasks which result in delays and potential inaccuracies.


Skopenow harnesses the power of AI to look across the vast landscape of public data to alert journalists of critical events as they unfold, while delivering actionable intelligence and insights to support compelling, accurate reporting.

1,500+ Organizations Trust Skopenow


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U.S. Government Agencies


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People & Business Investigations

Investigate people and businesses connected to emerging stories. Workbench swiftly surfaces public data insights that enrich investigations, revealing violence, extremism, and newsworthy stories.


Due Diligence

Prioritize investigations by evaluating digital footprints and public records on individuals and businesses. Instantly sift through thousands of subjects for large-scale fact checking and identification of leads.


Link Analysis

Visualize important connections that establish links between individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations, surfacing key networks related to stories on crime, corporate wrongdoing, and more.


Situational Awareness

Gain real-time visibility and alerts on emerging events, significant incidents, and natural disasters using location-based public data. Utilize keyword and behavior filters to detect threat and other breaking stories.


In my 15-plus years as an investigative journalist, Skopenow has been the best resource I’ve used in my reporting career. It has become my go-to when it comes to researching subjects and events, and is a huge asset in today’s media environment."

Journalist, Large Digital Media Organization

Use Cases

Breaking News

Receive alerts on emerging developments and major incidents as they happen, and be the first to report on them. Gather information and evidence to rapidly publish comprehensive and accurate stories.

Investigative Journalism

Analyze publicly available information to support investigations. Uncover unknown connections, relationships, and potential conflicts of interest tied to individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations.

Evidence Collection

Verify the veracity of statements made by public figures or the authenticity of documents and materials. Skopenow scans public data across the surface, deep, and dark web, providing researchers with reliable, comprehensive evidence.

Lead Discovery

Identify individuals or organizations connected to a specific topic. Unearth people and businesses that can provide new insights on an issue or find social media posts near an event to discover witnesses and entities linked to the matter at hand.


Integrate Skopenow into Research Workflows

Empowered by Skopenow, journalists receive relevant, comprehensive, and real-time insights from public data to gain an edge in the newsroom and out in the field. By sifting through vast amounts of public information and uncovering connections and patterns, Skopenow enables journalists to deliver compelling news and an accurate portrayal of events to the public.

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