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How Does Skopenow Help Government Organizations?


Government agencies that rely on legacy approaches to review and action public information lack controls, efficiency, and consistent data capture.


Skopenow automatically analyzes thousands of data sources to generate instant, comprehensive intelligence to enhance online investigations, support mission objectives, and keep people safe.

1,500+ Organizations Trust Skopenow


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U.S. Government Agencies


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People & Business Investigations

Produce court-ready reports on persons of interest and questionable businesses, consolidating data across sources. Surface flags for activity related to fraud, narcotics, grooming, or suspicious travel patterns.


Due Diligence

Increase operational capacity by evaluating digital footprints at scale. Detect false identities used for crime, identify high-risk individuals in serious fraud cases, and expedite vetting processes.


Link Analysis

Visualize connections between people, businesses, assets, and locations tied to terrorist cells, organized crime networks, and hate groups. Support disruption by identifying core and unknown members, accomplices, and exploited victims.


Situational Awareness

Gain visibility across a given jurisdiction and receive alerts on emerging threats or potential impacts to people, assets, and operations. Filter for behaviors and keywords related to violence, weather, transportation, outbreaks, and more.


After implementing Skopenow, our analysts were able to look into a large organized crime group, generate 20+ key subject profiles, and build a network chart that connected them through public data - in mere minutes. In the past, this would have taken an analyst over two weeks. In cases like these, Skopenow has been invaluable, enabling our team to cut time spent on repetitive manual processes while increasing our capacity for strategic, detailed analysis.” 

Head of Intelligence, Government Agency

Use Cases


Identify suspicious behaviors and patterns across businesses, social media, and other sources to flag high-risk individuals, networks, and organizations, disrupting fraud networks.

Human Trafficking

Analyze social media, online forums, and classified ads to identify traffickers and their victims. Uncover complex networks associated with human trafficking across geographies.

Disaster Response

Gather real-time information for disaster response and search and rescue efforts. Provide alerts to first responders and emergency management teams, assisting with damage assessment and resource allocation.

Organized Crime

Uncover organized crime networks by analyzing relationships between individuals and organizations. Discover key and new actors, and identify financial patterns and notable locations.

Insider Threats

Uncover and analyze anomalous activity among employees who handle sensitive information. Stay ahead of potential risks with real-time alerts on digital footprint updates and events, bolstering threat mitigation efforts.

Protective Intelligence

Detect risks and threats posed by individuals or groups to bolster operational security. Process public data to reveal vulnerabilities and strengthen protective measures, ensuring the safety of critical assets, officials, and public figures.


Integrate Skopenow into Investigation Workflows

Empowered by Skopenow, government investigations and intelligence teams can discover emerging threats and incidents, streamline investigations, create court-ready reports, and enhance crime analytics. Skopenow delivers timely alerts and generates relevant, actionable intelligence to build a contextual, accurate picture of the operational environment, supporting informed decision-making for agents, investigators, and analysts.

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