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Grid - Situational Awareness Powered by Skopenow

In the world of open-source intelligence (OSINT), the hunt for actionable insights is as intricate as it is infinite. Investigators sift through an expanding universe of internet data, grappling with the dual challenges of maintaining situational awareness and adapting to an evolving threat landscape. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, only the haystack is growing exponentially and the needle is constantly changing shape.

Each byte of data, from social media posts to satellite imagery, holds potential evidence but can also create a flood of information. This presents a dilemma, as investigators not only have to rapidly filter and analyze relevant data but also discern the credibility and context of that information. Moreover, as global tensions and technological advancements reshape the threat landscape, OSINT investigators must continuously evolve their strategies.

Further complicating matters, security and investigative teams managing situational awareness on a manual basis often struggle to differentiate between important signals and noise, delaying responses to preventable security incidents. To overcome these challenges and move beyond legacy approaches, the industry required a new standard for real-time, accurate intelligence.

Introducing Grid

Grid is a comprehensive, automated solution providing intelligence, investigation, and security professionals with 360-degree situational awareness, allowing them to detect the earliest signals of critical risks to people, assets, and operations in real time. Powered by AI, Grid alerts users to emerging risks, offering proactive threat assessment capabilities. Beyond mere observation, Grid contextualizes data, identifying patterns across unstructured information to help organizations piece together a more comprehensive picture.

This addition to Skopenow's end-to-end OSINT investigation platform allows organizations to leverage real-time insights and actively analyze events, breaking news, public safety crises, orchestrated accidents, and emerging threats as they unfold. This real-time evaluation of critical developments enables organizations to maintain a pulse on emerging issues and trends through keywords, sentiment, behaviors, and locations, driving significant improvements in their security posture and threat response.

How Grid Works

Grid is versatile, suitable for applications in government, critical response, insurance, corporate security, event security, emergency response, law enforcement, and employee and infrastructure protection. It delivers:

  • Diverse data integrations: Fusing data from social media, public cameras, crime reports, satellite imagery, and news sources, Grid provides a comprehensive view of dynamic environments.
  • Real-time intelligence: Grid is powered by AI that continuously provides timely and accurate information, enabling threat assessments and proactive measures against risk to locations, assets, supply chains, and other critical areas.
  • Precision: By filtering extraneous data, Grid surfaces relevant geospatial information, ensuring teams have critical data to derive intelligence.
  • Multi-channel notifications: Grid delivers instant alerts to notify teams about emerging threats, facilitate rapid decision-making, and power immediate response.
  • Simplicity: Grid's user-friendly interface simplifies data review and insight gathering, minimizing the need for multiple tools and extensive training. 

The Benefits of Grid

Grid provides benefits that are far-reaching, facilitating swift and informed decision-making to support: 

  • Enhanced security: By offering a comprehensive view of dynamic events, severe weather, traffic flows, and potential crimes, Grid helps protect executives and corporate assets.
  • Better risk assessment: Situational awareness provides timely information about potential crimes and emerging risks, aiding decision-makers in mitigating damage.
  • Optimal resource allocation: Grid improves the allocation of key resources, enabling organizations to direct personnel and assets to areas of increased need, such as those experiencing natural disasters.
  • Heightened awareness: In media and journalism, Grid ensures that organizations are alerted to unfolding events in real time so that they can be the first to report breaking news. 
  • Public safety: Grid aids in identifying criminals linked to major incidents, contributing to the reduction of high-impact crimes like human trafficking and organized crime.
  • Effective crisis management: Grid enables investigators and analysts to maintain a pulse on emerging issues, such as natural disasters and public health emergencies, to provide full context and support coordinating people on the ground.

The Road Ahead

As we formally roll out Grid to the industry, we are proud to support a future that lies in even more proactive, intelligent analysis. Grid represents a significant leap forward for all of us, empowering organizations to stay ahead of threats with real-time, AI-driven insights and comprehensive data integration. Its ability to filter noise and deliver pertinent intelligence enables teams to initiate their analysis at an earlier stage within the crime and threat cycle.

Grid's integration into Skopenow's end-to-end OSINT platform also underlines our ongoing commitment to evolving and enhancing intelligence capabilities. By combining Grid's advanced situational awareness capabilities with the unparalleled data quality of Workbench and Link Analysis, we are setting a new standard in the field of OSINT and enabling customers to consolidate tools.

At Skopenow, we are excited to see how Grid will transform threat detection and risk assessment, reinforcing our mission to modernize investigations with scalable open-source intelligence.

See how Grid can elevate your situational awareness and response strategies today: skopenow.com/grid