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June 19, 2024

Skopenow's Link Analysis Buyer's Guide: From Complexity to Clarity—Choosing the Right Solution

Organizations across industries are increasingly exposed to threats from criminal and fraud networks. The bad actors responsible don't just target financial assets; they strike at the core of operations, damaging reputations and placing the safety of employees and valuable resources in jeopardy. In order to combat criminal groups, minimize fraud, and effectively manage risk, OSINT professionals must employ automated link analysis tools.

Originally developed using manual processes, link analysis helps identify relationships between entities, surfacing essential intelligence such as central actors within a network, shared relationships, as well as connections between seemingly disparate groups of subjects. Modern link analysis solutions have revolutionized investigations by automating the overall connection mapping process, visualizing hidden connections, detecting emerging threats, and providing actionable insights faster and more efficiently than ever before. While the value of automated tools is clear, the process of procuring and implementing these products has become increasingly complex. 

To navigate these complexities, the Skopenow team is excited to share our first Link Analysis Buyer's Guide, a comprehensive resource for identifying and selecting the link analysis solution that best suits an organization’s specific needs, aligns with its budget, and advances its strategic goals.

The Link Analysis Buyer's Guide empowers decision-makers and potential users with valuable information about key criteria to consider when selecting a link analysis solution, including essential features, scalability, integration capabilities, data visualization, analytics, as well as education and support.

The guide provides the knowledge needed to confidently evaluate the available options, ensure seamless integration into existing workflows, and make a purchase decision that optimizes for investigative capabilities and, ultimately, results. Insights in the guide cover:

  • Applications of modern link analysis tools
  • Why link analysis is valuable for global security, fraud, and criminal investigations
  • Choosing the right link analysis product
  • Ensuring quality data sources and integration
  • Scaling link analysis and what success looks like
  • Navigating the buying and implementation process

Are you ready to take a proactive stance against criminal networks and mitigate financial, physical, and reputational risks? Click here to download the Link Analysis Buyer's Guide.

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