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Skopenow's State of OSINT Report: Understand the Current OSINT Landscape and Emerging Trends

As threats and fraud schemes evolve, it's crucial for organizations to tap into the power of open-source intelligence (OSINT) to rise to the challenge of staying one step ahead. Skopenow is excited to share the "State of OSINT" report, based on survey data and insights gathered from over 140 OSINT professionals about their go-to information sources, challenges, and most effective tools and techniques.

The report offers a comprehensive view of the current OSINT landscape and emerging trends, highlighting the field's rapid growth and adoption across diverse industries and use cases. It also provides actionable next steps organizations can follow to drive investigation efficiency, consistency, and innovation.

Some key findings from the report include:

OSINT is crucial for combating fraud and crime
The importance of digital information collection and analysis is increasing, with 71% of respondents agreeing that OSINT provided information that they did not believe could be gained from closed sources or human intelligence. The reliance on OSINT for criminal and fraud investigations, financial due diligence, cybersecurity, and physical security highlights the need for a centralized OSINT strategy to empower employees across various departments.

Automation and advanced training are essential for effective OSINT
The majority of practitioners rely on free training resources for education, and only 41% of respondents reported having advanced training in OSINT tools and techniques. Automation can address challenges related to staying current with new techniques and skills, enabling practitioners to focus on other critical tasks. Automated solutions like Skopenow can help reduce risks associated with manual techniques and improve intelligence grading.

A formal OSINT policy reduces risk and ensures compliance
With only 20% of respondents having a formal OSINT policy in place, organizations must recognize the need for standardized guidelines. Formal policies limit risks, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide decision-making guidance. In the absence of such policies, automated OSINT solutions can help organizations standardize consistency in their operational activity.

The "State of OSINT" report provides the industry knowledge that organizations need to harness the power of open-source intelligence and develop proactive strategies that safeguard their assets, employees, and customers. By reading the full report, you'll gain insight into the:

  • Most common sources of information leveraged by investigators
  • Most significant challenges faced by practitioners
  • Most effective tools and techniques used to gather and analyze public information
  • Overall state of the OSINT landscape, including the most important trends and developments
  • Most promising new technologies and methods
  • Best practices and adopted standards of work, including insights on how leaders can implement OSINT within their own organizations

Interested in exploring the current OSINT landscape and its potential for growth and innovation? Click here to download the State of OSINT report.

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