Originally Held April 19, 2023

State of OSINT

Last month, Skopenow published its inaugural State of OSINT report, compiling original insights into the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry based on survey responses from 140+ OSINT professionals.

In this webinar, Skopenow’s Product Marketing Lead, Steve Adams, will be joined by Product Manager, Jake Rubenstein, and Global Security Lead, Joaquin Souberbielle, to discuss the report findings and what they mean for the industry. The Skopenow team will cover:

  • Challenges OSINT practitioners are facing
  • The most effective tools for gathering information
  • The current state of training and education in OSINT
  • How the use of OSINT is being regulated
  • Expected investment priorities for 2023
  • The proactive approach to OSINT investigations

This interactive session will also allow attendees to ask Steve, Jake, and Joaquin more about the State of OSINT report as well as how Skopenow will leverage the data internally in 2023 and beyond. 

Watch the State of OSINT Webinar