Originally Held March 16, 2022

Geospatial OSINT Investigations

Geospatial platforms can provide OSINT investigators with a wide range of critical tools and capabilities, including the ability to research and map criminal activities using satellite imagery, track the movement of contraband, and identify emerging threats with real time web camera data. In addition, many geospatial platforms include tools for monitoring social media and other online sources of information related to key developments and events. On an even larger scale, geospatial platforms can be used to plan and coordinate emergency response efforts in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other major crisis situation.


By helping to map out key infrastructure and resources, emergency responders can then more effectively allocate their resources and optimize their response to a given situation in real time.

To download The Definitive Guide to Geospatial OSINT Investigations, click here.

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Meet Your Presenter

Steve Adams, Product Marketing Manager at Skopenow

Steve Adams is a criminal intelligence specialist who works with a focus on internet investigations. As a Product Marketing Manager at Skopenow, he communicates the features and benefits of Skopenow’s products and demonstrates techniques for internet investigations (OSINT) through webinars and written communications. He previously worked in UK law enforcement and has extensive experience providing training and education in criminal and security intelligence.