Originally Held October, 2021

Image-Based OSINT Investigations

Images can provide a wealth of value to an OSINT investigation, they can show what a subject looks like, locations where the subject has been, and any vehicles used. Identifying this information can facilitate actions like surveillance or arrests, which would otherwise be reliant on text-based descriptions. Using search engines and free tools, investigators can utilize images to develop the intelligence picture, identify devices used to take images, identify where and when images were taken, and identify if a social media account belongs to a subject.

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Meet Your Presenter

Steve Adams, Product Marketing Manager at Skopenow

Steve Adams is a criminal intelligence specialist who works with a focus on internet investigations. As a Product Marketing Manager at Skopenow, he communicates the features and benefits of Skopenow’s products and demonstrates techniques for internet investigations (OSINT) through webinars and written communications. He previously worked in UK law enforcement and has extensive experience providing training and education in criminal and security intelligence.