Originally Held February 16, 2022

Instant Messaging Apps & OSINT Investigations

Multimedia instant messaging apps enable people to share pictures and videos with their social networks around the globe. Some multimedia instant messaging apps incorporate a feature that enables users to share content that self-destructs after a short period of time, making it inaccessible to recipients after this period. 

Self-destructing messages have afforded criminals an opportunity to advertise illicit goods for sale, like drugs and weapons, in a way that limits detection by law enforcement agencies. Billions of multimedia messages are sent via these services each day, with many available for public consumption.

To download The Definitive Guide to Instant Messaging Apps & OSINT Investigations, click here.

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Meet Your Presenter

Steve Adams, Product Marketing Manager at Skopenow

Steve Adams is a criminal intelligence specialist who works with a focus on internet investigations. As a Product Marketing Manager at Skopenow, he communicates the features and benefits of Skopenow’s products and demonstrates techniques for internet investigations (OSINT) through webinars and written communications. He previously worked in UK law enforcement and has extensive experience providing training and education in criminal and security intelligence.


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