Originally Held April 13, 2022

OSINT Investigations into Businesses

The internet provides a multitude of sources of publicly available information about businesses. Utilizing public directories, social media, historic data, and news articles, an investigator can establish a detailed background of a business and its employees. 

Business focussed investigations have proven vital to the prevention of crime, enabling research into businesses committing serious fraud and those being used as a front for organized crime. 

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Meet Your Presenter

Steve Adams, Product Marketing Manager at Skopenow

Steve Adams is a criminal intelligence specialist who works with a focus on internet investigations. As a Product Marketing Manager at Skopenow, he communicates the features and benefits of Skopenow’s products and demonstrates techniques for internet investigations (OSINT) through webinars and written communications. He previously worked in UK law enforcement and has extensive experience providing training and education in criminal and security intelligence.