Airbnb Acquires Background Check Service Troo.ly

Battling Scams

Last Friday, Airbnb, a popular hospitality and short-term home-renting platform, announced plans to acquire Trooly, a start-up specializing in background checks and user verification. Trooly searches public records and digital media for potentially incriminating information, ensuring the security of customers’ companies. For Airbnb, a service whose credibility depends largely on the relationship between lodgers and travelers—most of whom do not know each other—comprehensive background checks have become instrumental in the fight against scams and other security threats.

 What Does This Mean?

Airbnb has been working with Trooly since 2015—seven years after the former’s founding—demonstrating that, as companies grow, the need to fully assess users’ backgrounds becomes increasingly significant. That being said, even smaller companies face looming security threats, making background checks—particularly those that explore social media and other modern technological platforms—not only an asset, but a necessity. Indeed, advances in the digital sphere have allowed scammers to circumvent traditional methods of fraud and cyber-crime in favor of more subtle, sophisticated tricks.

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