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July 17, 2024

Introducing Pre-Check

In an increasingly online, remote world, no business is safe from financial fraud. In an effort to streamline fraud analysis Skopenow is excited to launch Pre-Check, a new API based product that immediately assesses digital risk and verifies customer input.

Integrating the Pre-Check API into existing claims or case management systems allows customers to automatically assess the digital footprint of a customer to detect risk and fraud. Within seconds, Pre-Check delivers real-time data to ensure fully informed decisioning using consumer records, social media, vehicle ownership records, dark web data, digital marketplace activity, and criminal records.

Pre-Check allows data to be evaluated and triaged at scale, ensuring that investigation teams can focus on more pivotal investigations. With Pre-Check, investigators can prioritize cases that yield the most valuable intelligence by identifying subjects with the most significant digital footprints and highest risk scores.

Pre-Check facilitates KYC/AML checks during customer onboarding, automatically verifying customer-provided data to ensure all applicants are screened for risk or fraud indicators. Integrating Pre-Check into existing verification, compliance, and fraud detection tools can be run in a single, familiar environment. Researchers can now immediately evaluate the digital footprint of applicants alongside current Customer Identification (CID) and Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) checks to better identify high-risk cases for Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) research. Pre-Check integration helps organizations guarantee the swift detection of possible fraudulent applications. 

Reduce costs and save time now by integrating the Pre-Check API into your existing claims management system. Reach out to us now at sales@skopenow.com to learn more about how Pre-Check can advance your customer onboarding process.

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