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May 21, 2024

Salesforce Debuts Social Media Image Tracking

What’s happening?

Earlier this month, Salesforce, a dominant customer relationship management platform, debuted the Einstein Vision for Social Studio, which uses artificial intelligence to automate the identification of images on social media. Algorithms are programmed to recognize certain pictures, automating a once-laborious process and streamlining detailed search tasks. By automatically combing through four massive image libraries--logos, scenes, food, and miscellaneous objects--while simultaneously searching social feeds for trending image posts, the feature improves brand tracking and offers companies greater, faster access to consumer insights.

What does this mean?

The rapid rise of social media in the past several years has resulted in millions of images on the social web. While consumers and marketers could certainly comb through piles of individual images to locate relevant content, the use of artificial intelligence expedites the process immensely, allowing businesses to keep up with rapidly evolving trends and improve brand integrity. For individuals, too, the capacity to pinpoint particular images efficiently and on a mass scale greatly enhances personal searches, a valuable asset for particularly demanding digital investigations.

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