How OSINT Helps Unmask Dark Web Actors Like Incognito Market’s Mastermind

Earlier this month, a Taiwanese national, 23-year-old Rui-Siang Lin, was arrested on suspicion of owning and running one of the dark web’s most successful drug marketplaces. He now faces charges for drug trafficking, money laundering, and misbranding prescription medication that could result in a life sentence if convicted.

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Handling the Test Purchasing Process during OSINT Investigations

Investigators, working on behalf of law enforcement and private companies, monitor digital marketplaces to identify and remove IP infringements, stolen goods, or prohibited goods. Often, identifying an illicit good online is insufficient to support a prosecution. Determining if a good is illicit, legitimate, or fake, requires an investigator to see it…

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Cryptocurrencies: The Evolution of Criminal Funds

In the absence of effective regulation, the criminal use of cryptocurrency is accelerating. Whilst the scale of the criminal use of cryptocurrencies is difficult to determine, it was estimated to be roughly $14 billion worth of transactions in 2021. $14 billion represents only a small share of the overall cryptocurrency market, however, this figure…

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How OSINT Took Down the Dark Web’s Silk Road

Though the Dark Web has been around since the early 2000s, it entered the lexicon of mainstream popular culture in 2013 after the high-profile FBI bust of a Dark Web site called Silk Road, an anonymous narcotics website run by 29-year-old Ross Ulbricht, code name “Dread Pirate Roberts.”

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