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May 21, 2024

6 Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Applications for Your Business

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, like Skopenow, aggregate and analyze publicly available information from the open web-based on a specific search. Using an OSINT tool is a great way to streamline your intelligence collection process for use in many investigative applications. 

To give you a taste of what Skopenow and other OSINT tools can do, here are some industry-specific examples.

Global Security

Threat Monitoring

OSINT can help to identify potential threats to a person or organization by collecting and analyzing all open web information, including social media, of a person or group of interest. Skopenow’s keyword feature will flag all data with text or images related to that keyword, such as firearms or threatening language directed at a company or individual. Once a potential threat is identified, an investigator can set up monitoring to receive regular updates on the individual in question. For example, Skopenow can improve protective intelligence programs by identifying threats to an executive by a person of interest and monitoring that threat over time.

Cyber Security 

Ethical Hacking

OSINT tools, like Skopenow, can help penetration testers with pretexting for a social engineering campaign to help a company or organization improve its operational security (OPSEC). During a red team exercise, ethical hackers could use Skopenow to build a digital record on employees within their organization, including content within social media profiles, in order to create targeted phishing campaigns. Successful campaigns can lead to improved OPSEC training programs and email security policies, decreasing the likelihood of costly cyber attacks. 

Insurance and Law

Fraud Detection

For insurance claim investigators or lawyers, OSINT can be used to see if claims are legitimate. For example, a claimant submits a false workers’ compensation report claiming that they had an accident at work and tore their rotator cuff. Skopenow could then be used to search the claimant’s social media and find that they posted photos of themself doing pull-ups at the gym on Facebook the day after they filed the claim. Similar examples can use Skopenow to investigate the legitimacy of claims made by defendants and witnesses in court. For more examples of how OSINT can optimize insurance investigations, click here

Private Investigation

Identifying Actionable Behaviors

Skopenow’s keyword search highlights all online content, including both text and images. For example, in a child custody case, Skopenow highlighted questionable indicators on social media, such as firearm usage and excessive alcohol consumption. Social media screenshots are not always admissible in court, but Skopenow’s reports capture metadata and therefore are admissible. 

Competitive Intelligence

Gaining Competitive Insight 

Skopenow can search through court records, reviews, employment history, company history, and all other relevant data on social media and the open web to gather information on a specific person or company. This can help an investigator establish the size and type of company, employees who work there, additional services offered, news articles or other publicity, and company social media accounts and domains. Additionally, Skopenow’s Association Search can identify the relationship between two companies or a company and a person through mutual social media friends, tagged posts, court records, and known locations. 

Law Enforcement

Robbery and Homicide Investigations

Skopenow’s Association Search can investigate connections between people and businesses, which can be used to identify co-conspirators in a crime. For robberies, Skopenow can search social media for locations, alibis, and mentions or photos of stolen goods. For homicide investigations, Skopenow’s Heat Map feature can pinpoint a suspect’s recent locations and location patterns, as well as addresses and contact information for relatives. 

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Skopenow is an analytical search engine that uses social media and open web data to provide actionable intelligence. Skopenow's platform identifies, collects, and analyzes public information on people and businesses by scouring millions of sources and data points. While Skopenow is built for use in insurance, government, and law, the product is also highly applicable in HR, real estate, and education.