Breaking the Limitations of Traditional Risk Assessment with Pre-Check

Claims adjusters at insurance companies are often in the business of making suboptimal tradeoffs. In order to manage caseloads, they have to make time-sensitive decisions, while simultaneously flagging potential instances of fraud or malingering.

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Investigating Heirs

I remember watching the video a dozen or so times, frustrated by an old photo of an unidentified male appearing for only a fraction of a second. This would turn out to be the “unknown father” listed on both the deceased child’s birth and death certificate. The same father the mother had gone to great lengths in denying any knowledge of their identity…

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6 Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Applications for Your Business

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, like Skopenow, aggregate and analyze publicly available information from the open web-based on a specific search. Using an OSINT tool is a great way to streamline your intelligence collection process for use in many investigative applications.

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Avoid Insurance Fraud with Social Media

Social media is a wealth of knowledge. It helps to provide plenty of information about an individual. From information that a person posts on their profile to what others tag an individual in, there are lots of ways that a person’s digital footprint can share information. While most of this information is negligible, sometimes this information can be…

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Skopenow Participates in RIMS 2015

Hard at work in preparation for three days of fun and excitment. RIMS was a great experience and we can not wait to attend the next event in San Diego. If you thought our display was great this year, wait 'til you see us in San Diego. RIMS was great, but let's talk about that New Orleans food, BAM!

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4,000 Fraudulent Insurance Claims Found a Week

Some 212,000 attempted dishonest applications for motor insurance were uncovered in 2014, marking a jump of nearly one fifth (18%) compared with 2013, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

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