Money Mules: How Organized Crime Groups Recruit Via Social Media For Money Laundering

When criminals profit from crime, they need to make their money look legitimate. Criminals avoid using their bank accounts to transfer their criminal funds directly as this would easily link them to their criminality. The criminals first want to move the money around to create a complicated trial. To do this, they launder the money, moving it around…

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No Criminal Is an Island

From ISIS to Q-Anon, criminal networks, and financial frauds: large-scale violence and crime are rarely the work of isolated individuals. “Networked actors” like these are increasingly notorious for their widespread use of social media to communicate, recruit, disseminate ideology, and plan violent or criminal action. But their Twitter proficiency is a…

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The Evidence Challenge

During 2020, financial and white-collar crime have reached record highs, while public prosecution has reached record lows. If the low prosecution rates of high-level executives after the last financial crisis are anything to go by, these statistics are unlikely to improve in the near future. With the right open source intelligence (OSINT) capabilities,…

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Tracking Illegal Horse Poaching With Satellite Imagery, Public Records, and Crowdsourcing

A series of gruesome killings at the end of 2019 shook horse owners in Florida: Three horses were stolen and brutally butchered--most likely for consumption--in the state in less than two weeks. Owners had to fear that their animals would be next, and they wondered who the perpetrators were.

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Dirty Money’s Selfie Habit: The Digital Face of Financial Crime

If you can’t “follow the money” on paper, follow it on Instagram. Since the phrase was coined in the 1970s, financial crime and corruption have undergone a digital transformation in more ways than one. Dirty money may be laundered on paper, but it’s aired in real life: and these days, much of real life is aired online. With financial criminals…

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How Businesses Use Social Media in Data Mining

From Google searches to Facebook posts, everything that’s done on the internet is monitored. The information is compiled into a profile for each user and is then used by companies and agencies to give you information tailored to your preferences. Check out what you need to know about how social media plays a role in data mining and how companies use…

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Learn How Social Media Assists in PI

With ever increasing technology, our lives are constantly broadcasted on social media. From pictures posted on Facebook to your latest career move on LinkedIn, there are many ways in which your day to day is shared in the public sphere. While you may think you’re only sharing this information with friends, family, and colleagues, sharing information…

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Did You Know?

Learn how insurance companies can use social media to evaluate risk.

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Learn About How Social Media Helps Investigations

When it comes to investigations, it’s important that you use all the resources available to you. From physical resources to digital resources, it’s important that you gather all the intel possible. When it comes to finding digital resources, social media is a great tool to help you investigate claims. Here’s what you need to know about how social media…

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Don't Delete Your Posts!

When it comes to social media evidence, ensure you follow the rules.

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