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July 18, 2024

How Social Media is Used to Catch Criminals

Use social media to help catch the bad guys.

Despite all your privacy settings, when you post something on the internet, it becomes public information. You chose to share it with the world, thereby making it public. While it’s harmless for most of us, social media postings can be incriminating and law enforcement agencies are taking advantage of this new database for information. Learn how law enforcement officers are using social media as a tool to catch suspects.

How Law Enforcement Uses Social Media Against a Suspect.

There are a variety of ways in which law enforcement can use social media to monitor and catch suspects. From status updates to location checks and time stamps to photographic evidence, these pieces of information can be used as compelling evidence in a court of law. Additionally, information isn’t limited to a particular individual, but can span to the suspects network of friends and followers. They can obtain information from a friend’s profile and use it against a suspect in court.

Violation of the Fourth Amendment?

When the founding fathers created our country, they weren’t privy to the likes of Facebook. They had no idea how society would change. However, they established the Fourth Amendment right that prevents American citizens from unreasonable searches. There is controversy as to whether or not using social media to gather information about a suspect is considered an unreasonable search. While law enforcement needs a warrant for the social media company to relinquish information, information gathered from a friend of the suspect bypasses the need for a warrant. Whether it’s information posted or shared privately with a friend, or publicly posted on social media, law enforcement can use it to catch suspects.

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