Avoid Insurance Fraud with Social Media

Social media is a wealth of knowledge. It helps to provide plenty of information about an individual. From information that a person posts on their profile to what others tag an individual in, there are lots of ways that a person’s digital footprint can share information. While most of this information is negligible, sometimes this information can be useful when determining whether or not a person is committing insurance fraud. The use of social media to investigate fraud is becoming ever more popular in the insurance industry. Check out what you need to know about how social media helps to catch cases of fraud.

A tool for further investigation.

Legal battles can be long and drawn out. In years past, it was difficult to find supporting evidence to prove a fraudulent case. However, when it comes to social media, it’s easier than ever to help support your case. A simple investigation may find pieces of information that negate a person’s claim. For example, a post of a video of a person playing soccer after a serious car accident where an insurance claim was made for injuries, gives you evidence of a fraudulent claim.

Saves Money.

Insurance fraud is expensive. Insurance companies lose millions of dollars when it comes to fraudulent claims every year. However, a social media investigation is a cost effective way to help catch fraud and save your insurance company money.

As an insurance company, it’s important that you’re wary of fraud. Use the right resources when it comes to detecting fraud, starting with social media. Search for a person using the best people search engine. Contact the professionals at Skopenow to help you get the digital information that you need.