OSINT for Charities and Non-Profits

Non-profits and Charities can utilize OSINT to secure their people and organization and support investigations. Donation funded, charities and non-profits often have to rely on limited resources to conduct investigations and monitor threats.

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The Lego Method: An Investigator's Process for Enhancing OSINT

My bewildered colleague, who wanted to observe a digital investigation, struggled to comprehend my focus on the Facebook profile of a seemingly unimportant woman. I found her by reversing the phone number of a current tenant living where the subject allegedly resided. However, no obvious links between the two individuals existed: major age gap,…

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Connecting the Dots: Social Network Analysis in Criminal Investigation

Investigators frequently need to establish if two or more individuals or businesses connected to an investigation are associated with one another in any way. Identifying an association may mean identifying if two people know one another or may involve identifying an array of links between a large group of people within an organized crime group.…

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How the BBC unmasked a Scammer Social Media Influencer using OSINT

A recent BBC Panorama documentary unmasked the world of social media influencer scammers, individuals who boast about the scams that they are allegedly conducting online, as well as the wealth that it generates them, encouraging their followers to also engage in the same crimes and lifestyle. In the documentary, the BBC revealed that these scammers…

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Finding a Way Through the Dark (Data)

It’s been recently said that data is the new oil. However, whilst gasoline is accessible and easily obtained from gas stations, the same cannot be said for data. Many organizations have tried to exploit data themselves, recognizing it as a valuable asset, however, entire industries have been created to assist companies to locate, gather, and assess…

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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in the Age of COVID

The current global pandemic has changed the world of business with 62% of employed Americans now working from home, according to an April Gallup poll. At this point, staying six feet apart, buying only essential goods, and wearing a mask in public are common parts of life. In-person workspaces, team meetings, and watercooler conversations have been…

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Skopenow will be heading to the 3rd Osmosiscon!

OSMOSIS brings together North America’s most recognized social media and open source investigative practitioners. In a 3-day conference, experts will be on hand to offer training on the latest cellular and desktop social media investigations and open source searching, while remaining discreet and protecting your own identity. This event will bring you…

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Skopenow Attended the Police Security Expo!

Skopenow attended the 31st annual Police Security Expo in Atlantic City, NJ, at the Atlantic City Convention Center! This event featured more than 750 exhibitors and 7,000 industry professionals, making it the premier conference for law enforcement and security experts. Skopenow debuted its gorgeous new booth and tons of free swag - it was great seeing…

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We’re Booked - Our June 15th Webinar is now full!

Hey everyone, it looks like our free social media webinar (happening this Thursday, June 15th, at 4pm EST) has now filled to capacity! Thanks so much for your continued support, and we can’t wait to share with you valuable intel regarding digital investigations and social media. (Here’s the event page for details.)

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Mark Your Calendars - Free Webinar on Social Media

Hey all, we’re excited to announce that Skopenow will be hosting a free webinar on streamlining your social media investigations. As valued users, you’ll learn the ins and outs of comprehensive digital investigations, which will place you at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of social media. You’ll be among the first to gain insight from our…

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