How Businesses Use Social Media in Data Mining

From Google searches to Facebook posts, everything that’s done on the internet is monitored. The information is compiled into a profile for each user and is then used by companies and agencies to give you information tailored to your preferences. Check out what you need to know about how social media plays a role in data mining and how companies use this information.

About Data Mining.

As you search for items on the internet, post information on your social media, and connect with friends and acquaintances on the internet, you’re building your digital footprint. Everything that you do on the web is reflective of you as a person. This public information is then used as a tool for companies to gather information about you to tailor services to you.

How Data Mining is Used.

Once your web usage displays any patterns, the information is then sold to companies that will then use the data to tailor information delivered to you. Companies are using the information for various purposes. From making decisions about how to market materials to lending money to an applicant, digital information is a vital part of how business decisions are made.

Who Uses the Data.

When information that you post on the internet is used, it helps to provide insight to you as a person. This information is then passed along to a variety of different entities such as private companies, non-profits, and politicians. These entities then use the information gathered about you online to learn more about you so that they can tailor user experiences to your specific needs and wants.

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