Outrageously Priced Wayfair Cabinets Lead to Human Trafficking Conspiracy

    Wayfair, an online e-commerce platform specializing in home decor, has become the subject of internet human trafficking theories based on some exorbitantly priced cabinets. The sudden popularity of this conspiracy has been likened to a similar, now-debunked child trafficking scandal dubbed “Pizzagate” in 2016.

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    Fake News: Challenges and Solutions Using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    A major challenge for OSINT is the spread of fake news. Fake news, by definition, is information packaged to look legitimate but has little or no truth to it. Its danger lies in its use of sensationalist language meant to appeal to its audience’s emotions so that they are led to believe and, more importantly, spread it. Most fake news is first…

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