How OSINT Helps Unmask Dark Web Actors Like Incognito Market’s Mastermind

Earlier this month, a Taiwanese national, 23-year-old Rui-Siang Lin, was arrested on suspicion of owning and running one of the dark web’s most successful drug marketplaces. He now faces charges for drug trafficking, money laundering, and misbranding prescription medication that could result in a life sentence if convicted.

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Event Security with OSINT

Event security is much more than security personnel walking around the site during the event. Security at events necessitates extensive planning, resources, and communication. Security teams routinely use equipment and technology to support the efforts of security personnel through measures such as CCTV, however, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is an…

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Using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to Investigate Property Crimes On Social Media

For property crime investigations, such as theft, burglary, or destruction of property, the internet is a helpful resource. However, it can take hours to comb through all open web and social media data on a suspect, and you still might miss key information. Open source intelligence (OSINT) tools, like Skopenow, speed up your investigation by using…

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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): What Is It?

“Information does not have to be secret to be valuable,” says the CIA’s website on Open Source Intelligence. The internet is a huge place, with over 500 million tweets sent and four petabytes of data created on Facebook every single day.

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Fake News: Challenges and Solutions Using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

A major challenge for OSINT is the spread of fake news. Fake news, by definition, is information packaged to look legitimate but has little or no truth to it. Its danger lies in its use of sensationalist language meant to appeal to its audience’s emotions so that they are led to believe and, more importantly, spread it. Most fake news is first…

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It's National Private Investigator Day

We are celebrating the contributions of licensed Private Investigators and demonstrating the value of their work to the public. Professional Private Investigators work side-by-side with attorneys, families, law enforcement officials, insurance companies, business owners and others in order to conduct background checks, find missing persons, reunite…

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