Executive Protection with OSINT

    Executive protection refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to guarantee the safety of individuals, particularly those exposed to elevated risk due to their employment, status, or net worth. Executive protection of VIPs previously involved hiring close protection specialists to provide physical security measures. However, in the modern…

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    OSINT for Ghost Hunters: How to Find Someone Who Doesn’t Want to be Found

    The digital environment gives twenty-first-century investigators a novel advantage. Virtually everyone now has a basic digital footprint that is hard to erase, making it difficult for the modern-day criminal to go full "Lord Lucan". And many fugitives from justice continue to sprinkle data across the open source internet with far less discretion than…

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    Digital Footprints Are Managed for Better Insight

    The internet is a wealth of information. It gives users access to information at the click of a button. While most of us use the internet to Google facts and figures, others can use it to track digital footprints. Whenever an individual uses the internet, their searches and posts as well as posts about them contribute to their digital footprint. This…

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    Digital Footprints for Better Insight

    Digital footprints are important. Anything and everything that an individual does on the internet is recorded. From tweets to emails to posts to friend tags, anything that involves an individual digitally contributes to their digital footprint. While you may not think much about digital footprints, they’re a useful tool in information about an…

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    Everything to Know About Digital Footprints

    The digital age has brought along a wealth information and has improved communication. At the click of a button or the swipe of a screen, users have access to any information that you could need. Plus, they’re able to share information about their own lives. Most people don’t think much about what they search or what they post. However, it matters more…

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