The Top Security and Investigation Risks and Threats of 2023

    Entering 2023, security leaders are reviewing data from 2022 and looking at the year ahead to identify possible threats and risks on the horizon that could lead to crisis situations for their organizations.

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    Reducing Insurance Fraud Using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the aggregation and analysis of publicly available information for intelligence purposes. This applies to many industries, including global security, human resources, commercial underwriting, and private investigation.

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    Reduce Insurance Fraud with Online Investigations

    Insurance is a necessary safeguard against disaster. It gives you the financial protection that you need so that you can pick up the pieces after a disaster. However, wherever there’s money involved, there’s always the risk of insurance fraud. While some may think that it’s a victimless crime, it raises the average family’s premiums by as much as $700…

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