Offshore Leaks: Investigating Dirty Money and White Collar Crime

Tax havens are jurisdictions with significantly low rates of taxation for foreign investors, which may also offer financial secrecy. With the help of white-collar professionals, like lawyers and accountants, the wealthy can avoid taxes by shifting their money offshore and parking it in foreign nations.

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Investigating Underground Wildlife Trade on Instagram

"We have something crazy about to happen," says celebrity YouTuber MoVlogs in a video before showing two white tiger cubs in the trunk of a car. Later the cubs can be seen in his home in Dubai and a backyard swimming pool, where he and family members play with them. The clip has close to three million views, and there are dozens, if not hundreds more…

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Operational Security in the Battle for Press Freedom

Attacks on journalists are no longer the preserve of war zones and authoritarian states. Reports over the last year have indicated a worrying rise in attacks, not in areas of armed conflict, but across the world’s democracies including Europe and the United States. This trend is likely to continue amid a persistent global climate of civil unrest,…

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Dictators, Spy Planes, and Twitter Bots: How to Leverage Open Source Flight Data for Your Investigations

“A dictator's plane landed in #GVA [Geneva] airport: 4K-AZ888 used by the government of Azerbaijan (Gulfstream G450) on 2020/10/08 at 12:10:14.”

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