The Intelligence Cycle: Generating OSINT from OSINF

    The Intelligence Cycle is a structured process that outlines the steps involved in producing intelligence. Intelligence, most simply defined as information with added value, is the output of the intelligence cycle, where raw data and information flow into the process and emerge with value for the organization.

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    Source Code: Investigating Websites Beneath the Surface

    Source code is the programming language behind any web page or piece of software. Source code lies beneath the surface of a web page and contains embedded text, images, and videos. Source code can provide valuable insights to an investigator, providing a plethora of information hidden from public view.

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    Offshore Leaks: Investigating Dirty Money and White Collar Crime

    Tax havens are jurisdictions with significantly low rates of taxation for foreign investors, which may also offer financial secrecy. With the help of white-collar professionals, like lawyers and accountants, the wealthy can avoid taxes by shifting their money offshore and parking it in foreign nations.

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    The Importance of Social Media for Investigators

    Social media helps connect you to the world. It helps you share the important moments in your life with friends and family far and wide. However, social media is becoming an ever-increasing tool in the world of investigation. As a private investigator, the use of social media can be extremely beneficial. Check out why social media is important to a…

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