From Shelves to Bytes: How Libraries Can Deliver for Law Firms in the Digital Age

    A new dawn has arrived for law firms looking to capitalize on the untapped potential of online research. This invaluable resource can become a secret weapon separating the firm from opposing parties, bolstering internal functions, empowering client teams, and enhancing competitive intelligence efforts. It can directly contribute to a firm's growth and…

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    Skopenow Tops 2023 Frost Radar™ for Open-Source Intelligence Solutions

    We are excited to announce that Skopenow has been recognized as the leader in Innovation and Growth in the Frost Radar™: Open-Source Intelligence Solutions, 2023, Frost & Sullivan’s inaugural report which marks the first comprehensive review of the OSINT market.

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    Lost in Translation: The Right Human Touch in OSINT

    As digital fingerprints stretch across cultures and geographies, they often come marked with linguistic stamps – from tweets in Tamil to blog posts in Bulgarian and online marketplace listings in Spanish. With targets sharing information in various languages and dialects, open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigators are tasked with collecting and…

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    The Rising Threat of State-Sponsored Organized Crime

    In a world where the lines between organized crime and state actions are increasingly blurred, the comments of Graeme Biggar, Director General of the UK's National Crime Agency, offer a stark illumination of the evolving threat landscape.

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    How OSINT Helped Crack the Long Island Serial Killer Case

    When the average person thinks of high-profile criminal investigations, images of dimly lit rooms with towering stacks of physical case files, tense interrogations, or forensics labs might come to mind. In modern investigations, however, sifting through digital data often uncovers the most decisive evidence, as recently demonstrated by the…

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    Targeting Timepieces: How OSINT Combats Luxury Watch Theft Rings and Enhances Executive Protection

    In the wake of Covid-19 lockdowns, the luxury watch market experienced an extraordinary boom. With a surge of consumers sitting at home and looking to acquire a timepiece, luxury watches evolved from expensive accessories to a legitimate asset class. Despite the increased demand, many brands faced production pressure or limited supply, so customer…

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    Skopenow's Link Analysis Buyer's Guide: From Complexity to Clarity—Choosing the Right Solution

    Organizations across industries are increasingly exposed to threats from criminal and fraud networks. The bad actors responsible don't just target financial assets; they strike at the core of operations, damaging reputations and placing the safety of employees and valuable resources in jeopardy. In order to combat criminal groups, minimize fraud, and…

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    How Online Research Transforms Legal Due Diligence

    In the world of litigation, every piece of information can influence the direction of a case. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) equips legal professionals with the tools to gather relevant information across the internet, streamline research requests, and achieve exceptional victories.

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    How to Enhance Digital Forensic Investigations with OSINT

    Digital forensic examiners and specialized investigators play a crucial role in uncovering evidence and solving complex cases. In our increasingly digital-first world, the vast amount of publicly available information can be a goldmine for these professionals. By harnessing the power of comprehensive open-source intelligence (OSINT) platforms with…

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    Top 5 Ways to Maximize ROI with Workbench

    In today's fast-paced business landscape, leveraging data-driven insights is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. One powerful tool for achieving this is Workbench, your automated people and business search solution, providing valuable open-source intelligence (OSINT) capabilities. However, to truly maximize the return on investment (ROI) of…

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